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How to Create a Thumbnail with a Scratch

03 Dec 2022, 04:52 GMT+10

Scratch thumbnails are an excellent method for adding visual appeal to a Scratch project. This article will demonstrate how to create your very own unique thumbnail!

A thumbnail is the icon or image of a project that appears while browsing Scratch projects. This is a fantastic strategy for attracting more attention to your own!

Are you prepared to complete your project, Scratcher? Let's begin!

Why Create Previews from Scratch?
Scratch, a high-level visual programming language, simplifies coding for children of all ages. Using Scratch blocks, you can create interactive stories, animations, platformer games, and more. It's extremely enjoyable!

Once a project has been constructed, it is time to add the finishing touches. Insert thumbnail image. If you have ever seen videos on YouTube, you have seen a YouTube thumbnail image. The graphic is displayed while a YouTube channel or video is being browsed.

In addition to gaining more views and subscribers, creating your thumbnail allows you to exercise creativity. This contributes to the overall advantages of Scratch programming.

Combining creativity and problem-solving skills, Scratch programming educates young programmers for future vocations and hobbies.

What You Must Have to Begin
Are you new to Scratch? Welcome! As a free programming language, it is straightforward to install. AAAA Scratch account, a suitable device, and an internet connection are required.

Signing up is easy. Remember that you'll be required to supply some information and a username and password. Scratch is a fun and secure community that facilitates exploration and creation. Kids have never had more access to coding!

Here are some helpful tutorials for beginners to get you up to speed:

My First Project from Scratch (intro) Creating a Scratch Game (step-by-step) How to Create a Platform Game Using Scratch (beginner)

Want something more sophisticated? Please review the following:

How to Create a Three-Dimensional Game Using Scratch (intermediate) Multiplayer Game Created from Scratch (intermediate) Scratch game with levels (intermediate)

You will quickly become an expert Scratcher with sufficient practice and coaching.

Tutorial for Scratch ThumbnailThiss Scratch tutorial will examine the static and animated thumbnail formats (GIF).

As previously stated, a thumbnail can offer visual appeal to your project, which draws other Scratchers' interesters. It's enjoyable to connect and share with others! And a thumbnail can assist in establishing a supportive and interested audience for your work.

From Scratch playlists containing musical projects to clicker games and Scratch studios, thumbnails are a fun and simple method to gain more followers!

Willing to learn? Let's jump in!

Static Image Caption
Let's begin with a non-animated (or static) thumbnail!

Step 1: Create a brand-new Sprite
We will begin by opening the Scratch project and creating a new sprite.

Ensure that the sprite is named "Thumbnail." This helps to keep your project structured.

Step 2: Create a thumbnail image
After selecting a new sprite, you are now free to be creative.

Some choices? Use a screenshot of your project, create a new image, or upload an existing image. The preceding illustration depicts Andie and Dorian playing basketball!

Select an item from the "Choose a Costume" drop-down menu to construct your design.

Your thumbnail should preferably be a vector graphic. This enhances its appearance when the image is scaled. CClick the "Convert to Vector" button to convert it to vector mode to convert it to vector mode.

Also, ensure that the window is filled with the design you create or upload. Text can also be added. Therefore, you will maximise the visual impact of your thumbnail!

Step 3: Create Code and Save the Project
Have a thumbnail? Great! It is now time to code it.

Select the "Code" tab. Retrieve the "when flag is clicked" block from Events. Then, navigate to the Looks section and add a 'hide' block.

Select a show block next. This will be distinct from the preceding sections. Attach a 'go to front layer' block followed by a 'go to x y' block. Change the x and y values to 0, respectively. Click this block set to save your modifications.

Proceed to your profile from here. If everything is functioning well, the updated thumbnail for your highlighted project will appear!

Animated GIF Image Caption
Now that a static thumbnail has been made, let's construct an animated one!

An animated thumbnail increases the visual impact of your project to attract more visitors. In this example, a GIF will be uploaded. You can either create your own GIF or use one that has already been generated. This procedure requires different steps.

Step 1: Choose GIF
A Graphical Interchange Format, or GIF, is a collection of images stitched together to create an animated loop. It can be made from numerous photos or video that has been transformed. There are numerous methods for converting video to a GIF, including Adobe's GIF conversion tool.

In the above example, a royalty-free GIF from Giphy is used. It depicts a child floating in the air with their hand on a computer keyboard. There is also a pulsating rainbow in the backdrop!

Step 2: Install browser adore; we will install a browser extension to the Scratch in the following tab.

For this example, we are using the GitHub Animated Thumbnail Bookmarklet. Use drag and drop to add the URL to your bookmarks favorites bar. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+Shift+B (for Windows) or Cmd+Shift+B (for Mac) (for Mac).

Step 3: Choose GIF
Is the extension installed? Awesome! Now, we will choose our GIF.

Go to your profile and choose the project to which ct you wish to upload them. Click the project link. Click the 'Animated Thumbnail Set' added at the top of your browser tab. This allows you to upload your desired GIF.

Once the GIF has been posted successfully, return to your profile and locate your project. If it's properly loaded, you'll see your animated thumbnail (like the one in the screenshot above)!

And there you have it! In a few simple steps, you may generate your thumbnails. These ideas are not exclusive to Scratch. You may apply your knowledge of animated thumbnails and video thumbnail layouts to YouTube, social media, and beyond!

Now Continue Exploring!
We hope that learning how to create a thumbnail in Scratch was enjoyable! Sharing projects is pleasurable, and a personalised thumbnail might attract a larger audience.

The acquisition of new coding abilities enables an aspiring coder to level up, resulting in more advanced programming and boundless creativity. And individualized coaching makes it far simpler to develop self-assurance and plan for a prosperous future!

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